A mare is a female horse over the age of 4. This term is also used for other female equine animals like a zebra or mule.

Mare Reproduction

Mares can carry their babies (also known as foals) for up to 12 months. A healthy mare is able to produce a foal each year until about 20 years of age. During this time mares are not able perform activities like riding or racing. Once the foal is born the mares keep very close at all times. Even short separation can cause the mare anxiety.

Mare Behavior

Mares tend to be easier to handle compared to their male counterpart, the stallion. It’s said that mares are the most hardworking and intelligent of their kind. They’re very loyal animals. Mares are more territorial than geldings, but far less than stallions. It’s common to see the sexes separated if living in smaller confined areas. Herds can be lead by either sex.

Mare Uses

Mares are regularly used for equestrian sports. They compete simultaneously with stallions and geldings in a majority of the events. They’re a very popular animal to own on farms and used as a way of transportation. They’re also used to perform duties like hauling or pulling.